Stan Meyers VIC Circuit 2



Here is a set of PDF formatted guides to the physics of the stan meyer VIC. 

Everyone can thank Per Ritter for wanting the world to have this information. 

Everyone can thank Slade Outlaw for making the gerber files for the Stan Meyer circuits to be made and sold to the public. 

Everyone can thank Ed Chanson for spending the money for the parts and devices that all

of you have eagerly watched. Including a really nice and expensive osciliscope, with isolated grounds. 

I just gave away something truly amazing.

 how the stan meyer tech works.pdf

 how the stan meyer stuff works 2.pdf


how the stan meyer tech works 3.pdf


how the stan meyer stuff works 4.pdf

how stan meyer tech works 5.pdf

if you use the the tv flyback cores............ 

they are around 2000 perm and you will need to gap them. 
if you buy the assembled flyback transformer from ebay, put them in the freezer and then give the wire coil a good twist. the glue will beak. 
careful though, the cores break easy. they come with plastic shims to gap it. 

wire it with 30 ga wire 
Pri is 10.5 ohms which is 101.74 feet 
Sec is 72.4 ohms which is 701.55 feet 
C1 is 76.1 ohms which is 737.4 feet 
C2 is 70.1 ohms which is 679.26 feet 

frequncy would be determined by inductance and core perm 

if you use stans flat cores 

they are 1200 perm with no gap, 2000 perm with a gap 

wind them with 29 ga wire 
Pri is 10.5 ohms which is 128 feet 
Sec is 72.4 ohms which is 884 feet 
C1 is 76.1 ohms which is 929 feet 
C2 is 70.1 ohms which is 855 feet 

and again, frequency is dertermined by inductance and perm

 thank you for the most quality information about the VIC. We really appreciate it. Have some questions. 
I try to tune the VIC and WFC in a resonance mode, but oscilloscope shows that there is very low voltage at the VIC output. I tried to replace WFC with a regular capacitor (200mF), after what high voltage appeared. But regular capacitor will not create the bubbles unfortunately. So I made a conclusion that the main difference between the WFC and a simple capacitor is resistance. And resistance of WFC is too low, so VIC can not charge it with a high voltage, because the current flow is to big. How did you solve this problem? I saw the video, where you and Boyd succesfully demonstrated the Polarization Effect. How did you make it with a WFC?



the circuit must have a load. the load must be matched to the coils. that is how it works